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We are a development company based in the District of Columbia.

What is Turner development?

TDL provides core values of quality, integrity, and customer service to a multitude of clients with the vision to provide valuable services, while building partnerships within the community.




Project Value



Our employees are skilled, trained professionals certified with the industry top standards for construction. We understand the importance to maintain project schedule within budget and strive to always achieve the best results.


TDL prioritises quality in all aspects. Our certified professionals deliver the best results, ensuring projects stay on schedule and within budget.


Integrity is fundamental at TDL. We operate with honesty, transparency, and ethical practices, building trust with clients through our reliable services.

Customer service

Turner Development understands what our customers need, provide a service to help with their need, and deliver on what is promised. It’s really as simple as it sounds.

Aiken County native plans to transform historic property into community center, subdivision

Aiken County native Tracey Turner recently purchased a 185-acre historic property near the intersection of Old Aiken Road and Jefferson Davis...

Local alum is turning an old Aiken plantation into affordable housing

A former Midland Valley student is giving back to his hometown by turning an old plantation into affordable housing. Tracey Turner owns...

Growth, development continues in North Augusta

New housing developments inside the city limits of North Augusta, wedged in between East Buena Vista Avenue and East Martintown Road,...

New Ward 5 Youth Business-minded Mentorship Program Launches

The Ward 5 Youth Business-Minded Mentorship Program is an innovative community-based pilot brought together by Zachary Parker, Ward 5 candidate for...



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